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Black Orchids – June 1992 Bantam Reissue 4th Printing

Black Orchids – June 1992 Bantam Reissue Copyright 1941 and 1942 By Rex Stout A Bantam Book Bantam Reissue… June 1992 This is a 4th printing. Creasing to spine and front cover. Some corner and edge bumping. Inside covers browning. Pages tight. Some corners turned. No stamps or markings. Good copy. Contents Introduction by Lawrence … Continue reading »

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Salvation Army mystery finds

Went to the local Salvation Army yesterday (Monday May 11, 2009) and came home with a pile of mysteries including 9 paperbacks by Rex Stout and one hardback by Goldsborough. Will get them scanned and up for view asap. For now here are a couple of pictures of the lot to drool over… 😉 Nero … Continue reading »

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Interesting Quote from Rex Stout at Pink Ink

Pink Ink: Mail Call Pink Think: “If I’m home with no chore at hand, and a package of books has come, the television set and the chess board and the unanswered mail will have to manage without me if one of the books is a detective story.” – Rex Stout

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Prisoner’s Base – 1952 – Book Club Edition

Copyright 1952 By Rex Stout The Viking Press Jacket Design By Bill English Rear Cover Intro: When Nero Wolfe turned down the easiest ten-thousand-dollar fee ever offered him, he didn’t expect to get involved in a deadly game – a game that reminded Archie of a grim version of prisoner’s base. Nor did Archie imagine … Continue reading »

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Homicide Trinity – 1962 – Book Club Edition

Copyright 1962 By Rex Stout Published in 1962 by The Viking Press, Inc Contents: Eeny Meeny Murder Mo – appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystry Magazine Death Of A Demon – appeared in the SATURDAY EVENING POST Counterfeit For Murder – appeared in the SATURDAY EVENING POST under the title of The Counterfeiter’s Knife Rear Cover … Continue reading »

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Three Aces – 1971 – Book Club Edition

The Viking Press Copyright 1956, 1960, 1961 by Rex Stout Contents: Too Many Clients Might As Well Be Dead The Final Deduction Inside Cover: Three Aces Happiness is a Nero Wolfe mystery for so many aficionados of civilized crime stories that the Omnibus has become a valued tradition; there have been five before this, each … Continue reading »

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Rex Stout – From Wikipedia

Rex Stout – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rex Todhunter Stout (December 1, 1886 – October 27, 1975) was an American writer best known as the creator of the larger-than-life fictional detective Nero Wolfe, described by reviewer Will Cuppy as “that Falstaff of detectives.” Another link to a Wikipedia article. This one on Rex Stout. Fairly … Continue reading »

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Nero Wolfe – From Wikipedia

Nero Wolfe – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Nero Wolfe is a fictional detective, created by the American mystery writer Rex Stout, who made his debut in 1934. Wolfe’s assistant Archie Goodwin recorded the cases of the detective genius in 33 novels and 39 short stories from the 1930s to the 1970s, with most of them … Continue reading »

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The Doorbell Rang – October 1971 – Third Printing

A Bantam Book Copyright 1965 By Rex Stout New Bantam Printing…October 1971 Third Printing Contents The Doorbell Rang Rear Cover Intro: No one intimidates Nero Wolfe – Not even J. Edgar Hoover… Retained with the unbelievable fee of $100,000, the portly paragon of detection must get the FBI off his client’s back. Along comes Murder … Continue reading »

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Death of a Doxy – October 1967 – Second Printing

A Bantam Book Copyright 1966 By Rex Stout 2nd Printing…October 1967 Contents: Death of a Doxy Rear Cover Intro: Who killed the kept woman? Archie discovered the honey-haired corpse on the floor of her plush pink bedroom. How could a young, out-of-work showgirl afford that $300-a-month suite? That was no mystery. Who murdered her? Now … Continue reading »

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A Family Affair – January 1980 – Second Printing

A Bantam Book Copyright 1975 By Rex Stout 2nd Bantam Printing…January 1980 Contents: A Family Affair Rear Cover Intro: For Nero Wolfe – the huge, orchid-growing gourmet whose admirable genius at untwisting the tangled knots of crime has no peer – this was one case that came too close to home. The murderer had the … Continue reading »

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Death of a Dude – 1975

While out looking for books today (April 10, 2008) the only Wolfe title that we came across just happened to be a copy of Death of a Dude, which happens to be the title that the Wolfe List is currently discussing (or not discussing as the case may be). So of course I got it, … Continue reading »

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Seven Complete Nero Wolfe Novels

Seven Complete Nero Wolfe Novels Copyright 1983 by Pola W. Stout, executrix of the estate of Rex Stout This edition is published by Avenel Books Contents: THE SILENT SPEAKER MIGHT AS WELL BE DEAD IF DEATH EVER SLEPT 3 AT WOLFE’S DOOR Poison a la carte Method Three for Murder The Rodeo Murder GAMBIT PLEASE … Continue reading »

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Over My Dead Body – 1971

Over My Dead Body Copyright 1939, 1940, 1968, By Rex Stout A Pyramid Book Fifth Printing… February 1971 Contents Over My Dead Body Rear Cover Intro: THE DUBIOUS DAUGHTER When the Balkan princess batted her black lashes and begged Wolfe for help, her plea almost melted me on the spot. Naturally I was disturbed that … Continue reading »

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Some Buried Caesar – June 1994

Some Buried Caesar Bantam Edition January 1982 Bantam Reissue Edition June 1994 This cover is from the 5th printing sometime there after. Rear Cover Text: Some Buried Caesar An automobile breakdown strands Nero Wolfe and Archie in the middle of a private pasture – and a family feud over a prize bull. A restaurateur’s plan … Continue reading »

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The Red Box- Sixth Printing – May 1972

Duplicate The Red Box- Sixth Printing – May 1972 A Pyramid Book Copyright 1936, 1937, 1965, By Rex Stout Sixth Printing – May 1972 Contents The Red Box Rear Cover Intro: ARCHIE GOODWIN’S THE NAME I’m the hard-hitting, good-looking sidekick of a beer-drinking, orchid-fancying giant genius of a detective named Nero Wolfe. Wolfe and I … Continue reading »

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Wolfean Parody/Humor Index

This is a collection of stories, poems, and other bits and pieces collected over the years mostly from postings to the Nero Wolfe Mailing List. Some (if not all) that are done as songs have a midi track on the page for you to annoy your pets and significant others with as you sing along. … Continue reading »

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The Nero Wolfe Cookbook – 1981

I would have sworn that I had posted this wonderful cookbook before but can’t find it anywhere, so here it is, in all it’s glory! The Nero Wolfe Cookbook – 1981 By Rex Stout and the Editors of The Viking Press First published by The Viking Press 1973 Published in Penguin Books 1981 Rear Cover … Continue reading »

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A Prize for Princes – 1994

A Prize for Princes – 1994 Published by Carroll & Graf Publishers, Inc. First Carroll & Graf edition 1994 Rear Cover Text: Rex Stout A Prize for Princes Serialized in All Story Magazine, this is the first time A Prize for Princes has appeared in book form. Beautiful and deadly, Aline Solini is a study … Continue reading »

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Bad For Business – A Tecumseh Fox Mystery – April 1968

Bad For Business – A Tecumseh Fox Mystery A PYRAMID BOOK – published by arrangement with the author PRINTING HISTORY – Farrar & Rinehart edition published 1940 Pyramid edition published September 1965 Copyright, 1940, 1968 by Rex Stout Rear Cover Text: Poison in the Pate Someone was doctoring cans of Tingley’s Tidbits right in the … Continue reading »

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