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Man Alive and Archie’s Age

Another Wolfe List post that I thought I would archive here. While rereading Man Alive today, I noticed that another hint about Archie’s age shows up in this one. Page numbers taken from Three Doors To Death – the Bantam Reissue Edition paperback first published March 1995, 8th printing. ———— First clue is on page … Continue reading »

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A couple of points about “In the Best Families”

The following is a post I just made to the Wolfe Mailing List and thought it would be good to archive here. Hello All, Even though I know that today (8/23/09) we are supposed to start (not) discussing “Man Alive” from “Three Doors to Death “, I thought I would post this about the book … Continue reading »

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Black Orchids – June 1992 Bantam Reissue 4th Printing

Black Orchids – June 1992 Bantam Reissue Copyright 1941 and 1942 By Rex Stout A Bantam Book Bantam Reissue… June 1992 This is a 4th printing. Creasing to spine and front cover. Some corner and edge bumping. Inside covers browning. Pages tight. Some corners turned. No stamps or markings. Good copy. Contents Introduction by Lawrence … Continue reading »

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Salvation Army mystery finds

Went to the local Salvation Army yesterday (Monday May 11, 2009) and came home with a pile of mysteries including 9 paperbacks by Rex Stout and one hardback by Goldsborough. Will get them scanned and up for view asap. For now here are a couple of pictures of the lot to drool over… 😉 Nero … Continue reading »

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The Ortega Chronicles: The Wold Newton Universe

The Ortega Chronicles: The Wold Newton Universe The Wold Newton Universe On December 13, 1795, a meteorite fell from the sky and landed in Wold Newton, East Riding Yorkshire. Breadth was twenty eight inches, length was thirty six inches, and it’s weight was fifty-six pounds. This is historical fact. Science Fiction author, Philip Jose Farmer, … Continue reading »

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Nero Wolfe Radio – The Disappearing Diamonds

The Adventures Of Nero Wolf – The Disappearing Diamonds (3-09-51) The Disappearing Diamonds (Aired March 9, 1951) A bit of information about the shows, the actors appearing in them, and a link to download the show! Good stuff!

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Prisoner’s Base – 1952 – Book Club Edition

Copyright 1952 By Rex Stout The Viking Press Jacket Design By Bill English Rear Cover Intro: When Nero Wolfe turned down the easiest ten-thousand-dollar fee ever offered him, he didn’t expect to get involved in a deadly game – a game that reminded Archie of a grim version of prisoner’s base. Nor did Archie imagine … Continue reading »

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Homicide Trinity – 1962 – Book Club Edition

Copyright 1962 By Rex Stout Published in 1962 by The Viking Press, Inc Contents: Eeny Meeny Murder Mo – appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystry Magazine Death Of A Demon – appeared in the SATURDAY EVENING POST Counterfeit For Murder – appeared in the SATURDAY EVENING POST under the title of The Counterfeiter’s Knife Rear Cover … Continue reading »

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College Roomies from Hell!!!

College Roomies from Hell!!! Archives A mention of Wolfe and Archie in the College Roomies from Hell webcomic.

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Nero Wolfe – From Wikipedia

Nero Wolfe – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Nero Wolfe is a fictional detective, created by the American mystery writer Rex Stout, who made his debut in 1934. Wolfe’s assistant Archie Goodwin recorded the cases of the detective genius in 33 novels and 39 short stories from the 1930s to the 1970s, with most of them … Continue reading »

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The Doorbell Rang – October 1971 – Third Printing

A Bantam Book Copyright 1965 By Rex Stout New Bantam Printing…October 1971 Third Printing Contents The Doorbell Rang Rear Cover Intro: No one intimidates Nero Wolfe – Not even J. Edgar Hoover… Retained with the unbelievable fee of $100,000, the portly paragon of detection must get the FBI off his client’s back. Along comes Murder … Continue reading »

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Death of a Doxy – October 1967 – Second Printing

A Bantam Book Copyright 1966 By Rex Stout 2nd Printing…October 1967 Contents: Death of a Doxy Rear Cover Intro: Who killed the kept woman? Archie discovered the honey-haired corpse on the floor of her plush pink bedroom. How could a young, out-of-work showgirl afford that $300-a-month suite? That was no mystery. Who murdered her? Now … Continue reading »

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A Family Affair – January 1980 – Second Printing

A Bantam Book Copyright 1975 By Rex Stout 2nd Bantam Printing…January 1980 Contents: A Family Affair Rear Cover Intro: For Nero Wolfe – the huge, orchid-growing gourmet whose admirable genius at untwisting the tangled knots of crime has no peer – this was one case that came too close to home. The murderer had the … Continue reading »

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Ancient lost Longfellow manuscript found deals with Wolfe By Walter E. Doherty

Hiawolfa By the shores of Hudson River, By the shining Big-wet-Water, Stood the Brownstone of Neronis, Father of the Orchids, Neronis. Dark behind it rose the city, Rose the black and gloomy buildings, Rose the towers bright lights upon them; Bright before them lay the brownstone Beat the clear and littered streets, Beat the shining … Continue reading »

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Middle English Wolfian Text By Walter E. Doherty

[Middle English fragment of Early Wolfe Case Recently Discovered in Stout’s Files; probably an ancestor of the present Wolfe, but then we know he doesn’t age.] Whan that Aprille with his shoures sote Wolfes droghte with bier hath quenched to the rote, And bathed every orchid in swich liquor so as to shew in every … Continue reading »

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Dinner at Wolfe’s, or JabberWolfey By Walter Doherty

‘Twas Brillat, and the Savarin did toil and trouble at the stove Escoffier was baking raths as well as a borogrove. “Prepare that Caesarean bull, those horns that pierce, those hooves that toss; Prepare the Turkey, stuffed and full and topped with bearnaise sauce!” He took his Knife and fork in hand: long time bullish … Continue reading »

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“Pulp Fiction”
(“Too Many Capos”) By Patrick C. Baker

It was a clear, cool, dry day, rare for the last week in August in New York. But I was in no frame of mind to enjoy it as I walked up the 8 steps of the old brownstone on West 35th street. I had taken an assortment down to Malden’s apartment on Arbor street, … Continue reading »

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A Visit From The Fuzz By Brian “Have Clemency–No More!” With Addendum By Walter E. Doherty

Twas five minutes to orchids, and all through the ‘Stone Nero Wolfe was a bellowing, “Leave me alone!” Propositions proposed by yours truly who’d dared Were rejected by Nero who hadn’t much cared For the notion of working when brackets went up; As long as the balance allowed him to sup; And Fritz in the … Continue reading »

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The (Near) Village Blackguard By Brian “Whad’s it worth?” Too long, fellow!

Into a custom leather chair The fat detective sits; The Wolfe, that hefty man is there, about to use his wits; And the muscle he calls Archie Is about to give him fits! His hair is short, and brown, and gray, He’s nobody’s buffoon; He doesn’t pray or go away, He always calls the tune, … Continue reading »

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Wolfe Carol – To the Tune of “Caroling, Caroling” By Brian Mitchell

Moving his finger in circles so Nero Wolfe is thinking Out with his lips and then back in slow Nero Wolfe is thinking Murderers should leave the room Nero Wolfe has sealed their doom Ding Dong Ding Dong Front doorbells are ringing Pushing the buzzer to ring for Fritz Nero Wolfe is drinking Waiting for … Continue reading »

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