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Saul Redux Redux By Walter E. Doherty

Wolfe had figured it, of course, but kept his mouth shut.
Not long after Saul told everybody the wife
had run away with the kids, Wolfe suspected it.

not divulging it.
First, there was no fee for solving it.
Second, he would lose Saul as an operative
and Saul was too important to lose.

Time and events overtook Wolfe
and Saul walks free today.
— Brownstone

So, what you are saying is:

(written as a Double Dactyl:)

Higgledy, Piggledy
Mister Saul Panzer was
One of Wolfe’s operatives
for whom Saul worked.

Saul killed his wife and kids(?),
buried them under his house.
Wolfe simply shirked.

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