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In the Best Families – 1984 – Eighth Printing

Posted by on July 17, 2005

In The Best Families - 1984 - Front Cover In The Best Families - 1984 - Back Cover

A Bantam Book
8th Printing September 1984

Rear Cover:

The incredibly brilliant Nero Wolfe is the orchid-growing gourmet whose sheer genius at daring deduction has no peer. Together with his confidential assistant, Archie Goodwin, he must help a rich old woman whose husband is getting money in a most mysterious way. But when Wolfe’s case leads him to the most dangerous man in the United States, he knows that if he wants to live, he will have to do the one thing that he has never even contemplated — run and hide.

Note the similarity’s between this cover and the earlier 1968 cover. The cover graphic seems to be the same with a fancy font for Nero Wolfe.

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